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Are you someone that has been employed by Ford, or know a Ford employee? There are a variety of Ford employee discount plans available for you to get your hands on the wheel of your dream Ford vehicle for less, whether that be a Bronco or a Mustang Mach-E. If you think you may be eligible for a Ford Employee discount, Morrie's Buffalo Ford goes over the different Ford AXZD plans in the following guide below, where we will review the following:

  • Ford A plan pricing & eligibility
  • Ford X plan pricing & eligibility
  • Ford Z plan pricing & eligibility
  • Ford D plan pricing & eligibility

Ford Employee Discount: Who’s Eligible?

We want the best for St Cloud and Rockford customers like you who have devoted time to bettering the Ford company or have relations with anyone who has. That’s why there are a multitude of Ford employee discount plans that you may be eligible for, so you can save on your next vehicle purchase. Take a look at the different plans available below:

Ford A Plan Pricing Eligibility

  • Corporate employees
  • Corporate employee family members

Ford X Plan Pricing Eligibility

  • Friends
  • Non-immediate family members
  • Neighbors
  • Anyone else sponsored by an employee

Ford Z Plan Pricing Eligibility

  • Retired corporate employees
  • Retired corporate employee family members

Ford D Plan Pricing Eligibility

  • Dealership staff & employees
  • Dealership staff & employee family members

Ford AXZD Discounts

You’ve found out that you’re eligible for one of the Ford pricing plans, but what exactly do those discounts entail? Below, you’ll find a general guide for the different discount offers for each Ford AXZD plan:

  • Ford A Plan Pricing Plan: Invoice price – holdback – advertising fee + $275 program fee = Ford A Pricing Plan
  • Ford X Plan Pricing Plan: Invoice price – 0.4% discount + $275 program fee = Ford X Pricing Plan
  • Ford Z Plan Pricing Plan: Invoice price – holdback – advertising fee + $275 program fee = Ford Z Pricing Plan
  • Ford D Plan Pricing Plan: Invoice price – holdback – advertising fee + $275 program fee + $100 additional fee = Ford D Pricing Plan

Need help in determining which vehicles are eligible for the Ford AXZD plan you qualify for? Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have, so do not hesitate to reach out.

Shop For Your Next Ford at Morrie's Buffalo Ford!

Our end goal at Morrie's Buffalo Ford is to get all of our customers of their best-fit Ford vehicle that’s within a price range they can afford. If you find that you don’t qualify for any of the Ford employee discounts, don’t worry. We have different ways for you to possibly save, including our new vehicle specials, pre-owned vehicle specials, and our dealership specials. Have any questions? Give us a call at 612-464-9299 today!

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