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If you receive something in the mail about a Ford recall, then you might be wondering what this means for you. A recall means that there is a safety issue for your vehicle and that it needs to be repaired immediately. Learn what to do with Morrie's Buffalo Ford and how our service center can help you get your recall taken care of immediately, so you can get back on the St Cloud roads as soon as possible.

What Is a Recall?

If your vehicle is subject to a recall, then it means that the manufacturer or the NHTSA has decided that there is a mechanical issue that could potentially cause a safety issue on the Rockford roads. To avoid any possibility of this, the manufacturer or the NHTSA will send you a notice via first-class mail. Any necessary repairs that are recommended through a safety recall will be of no cost to you.

What Is the NHTSA?

A Ford recall will be made by either the Ford manufacturing company or the NHTSA. The NHTSA stands for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and they are deemed as one of the biggest experts in automotive safety. They do annual reviews of all different kinds of makes and models in every aspect of vehicle safety, crashworthiness, and more.

How to Know If Your Ford Has a Recall

If your Ford vehicle has a safety recall, then you should receive a notice via first-class mail. However, some Ford owners may not receive a notification. One example of this is if you recently relocated and have a different mailing address. Another example could be if you bought a used Ford vehicle, and the recall information letter went to the previous owner. If you want to check to see if your Ford vehicle has a recall, then you can go to the recall status page on the Ford website. Once you’re there, put your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and you can review any Ford recall information about your vehicle.

How to Find Your Ford Vehicle’s VIN

If you don’t know your Ford vehicle’s VIN, then you can usually find this number on any purchase documents, insurance cards, vehicle titles, and registration forms. You can also find your VIN on the inside of your vehicle near the driver’s side dash or inside the driver’s side door. If anything, you can consult your owner’s manual to find the VIN. When looking for the VIN, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a 17-character number.

What to Do If You Get a Ford Recall Notice

If you get a Ford recall notice, then schedule a service appointment at Morrie's Buffalo Ford near Monticello. Just show us the Ford recall information or notice, and we’ll get your repairs taken care of right away. Keep in mind that any recommended repairs won’t cost you anything as the manufacturer covers any recall repairs. For more service and parts information and advice, reach out to the experts at Morrie's Buffalo Ford.

Get Your Ford Recall Repaired in Buffalo

Contact us if you find that your Ford vehicle has a safety recall, and we’ll address it ASAP. For any other service needs, both major and minor, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Morrie's Buffalo Ford. We’ll help you keep up with your Ford service schedule, so you can continue to drive with confidence.

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