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Even after you drive off our lot, you can rely on the Morrie's Buffalo Ford Service Department to help you keep your Ford running in prime condition. Whether you’re wondering how often to rotate your tires, when you need brake repairs, or simply want to know the maintenance schedule for your current vehicle, we can help. From transmission flushes to exhaust repair to serpentine belt replacements, car maintenance can be a lot to keep track of. Take a look at our service tips and tricks, and feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions! As your source for auto repair in Buffalo, MN, we want to keep you informed on all things Ford service.

Here at Morrie's Buffalo Ford, we use genuine OEM Ford parts every time. Whether you’re a DIY auto enthusiast or simply need a car battery replacement or new tires, you can count on our Parts Department. We want to share all our parts tips and tricks with you so you can better understand your Ford! We’ll walk you through the cost of a transmission, help you find the right tires for your vehicle, and much more. If you have any specific questions about Ford parts and accessories, feel free to reach out to our Buffalo Parts Department!

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